Family-Friendly Activities in Weston Super Mare

Weston Super Mare has plenty of places for the whole family to have a good time. So much so that it can actually be hard to choose the best locations to take your kids to!

To help you get the most out of your time and money visiting the many family-friendly attractions in Weston Super Mare, we have picked the 7 best places in the area for families to have fun.

1. Grand Pier

Overlooking the Bristol Channel is the Grand Pier, where indoor enjoyment comes with great views, all the way to Wales on a good day. 

Inside the Pavilion are a surprising number of exciting attractions, including the country’s smallest roller coaster and a formula one driving simulation. Young children have so much to look forward to in this theme park full of rides and soft play areas. Dodgems, go-karts, gimmick mazes, arcade games, and more await visitors of all ages. Events are also regularly held throughout the year, with space available for parties.

Families can choose to dine on seaside delights like fish and chips, indulge the kids and kids-at-heart’s sweet tooth with doughnuts and ice cream, and fill their bellies with meals in the restaurant and cafe. Grownups can even get a pint at the licensed bar to unwind. To cap the day off, the whole family can take a nice, short stroll on the picturesque pier.

2. Puxton Park

The countryside comes alive at Puxton Park’s 40-acre space, which is perfect for outdoorsy kids who love to explore wide, open areas.

The Adventure Area hosts a ton of fun activities for children. The Bounce Pillow lets them experience the simple thrill of bouncing, skipping, and hopping up in the air. Atop a hill lies the wooden Puxton Fort, where young princes and princesses can stage their royal games. In the Little Farmers area, toddlers can climb and swing safely over frames and play tractors and trailers.

There is also the indoor soft play barn for toddlers and pre-teens. There are slides galore where your children and their friends can race each other or take turns flying through tubes. Baby slides and ball pits are also available for the youngest of kids.

For a more relaxing time, parents and children can go boating on the lake, ride play tractors and trains, or pet cute farm animals and wild baby animals.

3. Water Adventure Play Park

There is plenty of fun to be had playing with water at the Water Adventure Play Park. It boasts of a seasonal splash pad where fountains and sprinklers rain down streams of water through sensor triggers. Kids love to run, dodge, splash, and soak each other along the large safe play area. It’s the best way for children to stay cool and active in the summertime heat. 

There is also a wooden Stockholm Castle for kids to climb and play games in, a sandpit with a climbing pyramid and snake swing, and a short tunnel and xylophone for toddlers to play around with.

Adults can sit back and relax at the cafe where healthy food and drinks are served. They can get a good strong cuppa made from real ground beans as well as gluten and dairy-free meals. Indoor and outdoor seating allows parents and guardians to take shade or keep a watchful eye on their children.

4. Wookey Hole Caves and Attractions

For a really good time, you and your family can explore the depths of Wookey Hole Caves and Attractions.

Take a guided tour of the country’s largest cave system, which you can see first-hand or get a virtual tour. Take a closer look at the ancient artefacts recovered from beneath the River Axe that runs through the caves.

Marvel at the larger-than-life animatronic dinosaurs in Dinosaur Valley. Watch with bated breath as some of the most talented circus performers put on a rousing show at the Wookey Hole Circus.

The Wizards Play Castle and Pirate Zap Zone are great for toddlers looking to just have fun in a big play area. There are also Crazy Mirrors where little kids can get a kick out of seeing goofy reflections of themselves.

For a more calming experience, parents can bring their children to the Mystic Fairy Garden or take them around the park through Woodland Walks.

5. Jump N Jackz Indoor Play

Sometimes, all toddlers and babies need is a colourful, inviting space to play with toys and other kids of their age. Jump N Jackz Indoor Play satisfies that basic need and more, as it is the biggest children’s party and play centre in the town. 

Kids can enjoy jumping around safely in bouncy castles and inflatables, going down slides, and running through obstacle courses. Climbing frames all around the centre give them a sense of accomplishment without putting them in danger. They can jump in a big ball pit and have fun with friends. 

A variety of toys are prepared with young children in mind in dedicated play areas.

Themed rooms are also available for children’s parties, complete with meals, unlimited play and time in the disco area. 

For parents and guardians, there is a waiting area where they can get tea & coffee.

6. Weston Museum

It’s never a bad idea to get children interested in learning at an early age. A trip to the Weston Museum could be a great way to jumpstart curious little minds, even adults could learn a thing or two.

From prehistoric relics to Victorian antiques, the Weston Museum traces the history of the land through tens of thousands of well-preserved objects on display. Apart from the many fascinating collections and exhibitions, the museum has engaging learning resources for children as young as 5 years old and those with special education needs. There are also spaces that can be rented for kids’ birthday parties, including a 22-piece soft play set with slides, mats, and toys.

7. Weston Super Mare Beach

A visit to Weston Super Mare isn’t complete without going to its signature seaside attraction, Weston Super Mare Beach. At Rainbow Smiles nursery, we regularly spend time on the beach.

The beach is spacious and clean, with fine sand that makes long walks as lovely as one could imagine. With the sun out and blue skies above, beachgoers can have a nice little picnic and even dip their toes into the water. Kids can build sandcastles or go on fun donkey rides. Play areas can also be found along the beach.

Family-Friendly Activities in Weston Super Mare